AnyMo is a platform currently in development that will allow anyone to make professional looking mobile applications within minutes! Users can visit the online designer to set up their own mobile apps for events or business at a fraction of the cost of hiring developers. The platform will begin by focussing on including all of the necessary modules to create full featured mobile apps for POS systems and staff management. After public release more modules will be added to accommodate for more types of applications such as social networks, events, and e-commerce!

From working with companies and individuals to develop their ideas into mobile applications we have found that the main concerns are the price of building and managing an application and the quality of the user experience. For Small and medium businesses it can be difficult to rationalise the cost of having a mobile application developed. A mobile app can provide many advantages for a company such as increasing customer engagement or simplifying employee management. AnyMo is the solution for companies wanting low budget mobile applications without compromising on their customers or users experience. We plan to directly approach companies that could take full advantage of AnyMo and work closely with each customer to ensure that they are fully satisfied with their mobile application.