Our Team


Our management team is made up of two computer science students. Both have have worked together as a part of a previous tech startup and after working extremely well as team and organising events for the university, they set up Probably Rational. Since starting out the team has expanded to include two part time developers aswell.

The team at Probably Rational can provides a wide range of development services to many customers from large companies to individuals.

Adam Linscott - Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Adam is a specialist in cross-platform mobile development and Algorithms, his strengths range from being able to program in many languages such as C++, C#, Lua, and Java to being able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Responsible for Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Mobile Development, and Customer support.

Zachary Claret-Scott - Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder

Having run a web hosting company for a few years Zachary has had hands on experience with server administration, databases, domain management, and SEO. Writing the back end for a social network called Neene gives him great experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Responsible for Advertising, Web Technologies, Server architecture, and Customer support.